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TRANQUIL GARDEN is the Personal Playstyle RPG which features a Character-Driven Narrative as well as Customized Enemy & Cutscene Designs.

By interacting with the world's citizens and exploring each map, you can gain levels and learn new abilities. And by bonding with your party members through Stat-Boosting Dialogue Prompts, you can grow into the Hero that the world of Ativ needs!

Telling Stories Beneath the Stars
Telling Stories Beneath the Stars

Battling the Vicious Bombear of Onsett Forest
Battling the Vicious Bombear of Onsett Forest

Protecting the Supportive World of Ativ
Protecting the Supportive World of Ativ

Telling Stories Beneath the Stars
Telling Stories Beneath the Stars



► 33 Unique Enemies to defend the world against, from Magical Dogs and Enflamed Eye Drops to Gods.

► 10 stylized and Custom-Designed Cutscenes.

► Over 40 different usable Magic Skills and over 90 Different Items of Equipment appropriately balanced to allow for

      some fun world/character building.

► Contains several refreshing and fun musical tracks inspired by the 16-bit era of RPGs, provided by Gyrowolf and

      Kadokawa Games.

► 50 unique maps and boards packed with fun events to help Players get to know more about characters and the

      game's world.

► 20 hours of gameplay! It will be a suitable and engaging experience for casual and hardcore RPG Players alike.

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